Saturday, December 5, 2009

THE MCM Fiasco Show UPDATE...

Thank you for all of the support and enthusiasm for my debut show last week! I had a great time showcasing the songs that move me and interacting with everyone in the chat room! Feel free to chat and make requests. Click on the Frog, create a nickname and engage!

FYI-This Monday night's show is going to ROCK! Join me from 10pm to Midnight, Eastern!

LISTEN to the show streamed live here:

I'm excited about a couple of new segments I've added to the show: Fiasco News @ 11 and "New Artist Spotlight". Also, listen for a sweet song about HOBOS.

Got some Jane's Addiction, Minutemen, Morcheeba, Ryan Adams, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, Radiohead, and much more...

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